Powder coating is a durable coating applied to a range of materials that provides a consistent appearance and performance. As opposed to traditional paint, powder coating is applied by using particles with an electrostatic charge that cling to the desired surface which are then cured in an oven to ensure an even protective coating.

There are many advantages to powder coating over traditional liquid paint. Powder coats are more easily applied and take less time to dry or cure than paint and also provide a surface that is more resistant to chipping or cracking.

We sandblast all of our parts in preparation for powder coating. The blast process not only cleans and removes surface corrosion it also creates a consistent, scored finish that allows the primer or powder coat to adhere properly and avoid bubbles, flakes or other defects.

Iron phosphate is the most frequently used pre-treatment for powder coating. It can be used with almost any metal. Phosphate application reacts with the surface material to create a corrosion resistant coating. This pre-treatment along with powder coating can provide superior protection against salty wet conditions.

The lifespan of powder coated products is highly dependent on the type of environment they are exposed to. If the powder coated product is exposed to outdoor elements such as sun, rain, snow and wind, its lifespan is typically shorter than if it were kept indoors. We offer several options including phosphate pre-treatment and primers that can extend the life of your coating even in the outdoor elements.

Before bringing any part in, it should be clean of most dirt, grease, oil, or other debris that could interfere with the powder coating process. The part should be inspected for any rust, scratches, or imperfections that could affect the quality of the powder coating. We will then preclean and sandblast to remove surface rust or small defects as part of our process to ensure a quality coating finish.

Powder coating can be used to coat a wide variety of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. It can be used to protect outdoor furniture, window frames, car and motorcycle parts, and other metal objects from rust and weathering. It is also an excellent choice for refinishing wheels and other automotive parts. Powder coating is a great way to give any project a unique and stylish look.


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