As partners, we strive for honesty and clarity. Our first job is to understand the client’s vision and needs, not to present our own. We value timeliness and direct communication to meet our customers’ needs. We are a small town business and hold ourselves to small town standards. 

We are proud to serve East Idaho and appreciate all of the continuing support that we receive. As a family owned and operated business we look forward to meeting you and creating lasting relationships to meet your powder coating needs

What Makes Collier Different?

Doing things the right way often means doing things the hard way. Here at Collier Powder Coating, we don’t shy away from hard work to bring our customers a coating that will last. The quality of our craftsmanship reflects the care and attention that we give to each of our clients.

Benefits of Powder Coating

  • Durability – Powder coated products are resistant to environmental factors and will perform against the elements.
  • Cost Effective – Powder coating is a faster, less expensive process that produces higher quality products compared to traditional paint. 
  • Environmentally Friendly – Powders used to coat products don’t contain harsh chemicals which makes for easy clean up and less impact on the environment.
  • Versatility – There are a variety of options when powder coating to achieve a wide range of colors, finishes, and textures.
  • Longevity – Properly treated materials with powder coating will prevent corrosion and ensure the life of the product.


The Colliers are a small town family who love to work hard and play harder. They can often be found helping out on the family ranch, backpacking, dirt biking, and rock climbing. The Collier’s love living in Southeast Idaho where there are plenty of opportunities to play, but mostly because of the great community that they are blessed to be surrounded by. They can’t wait to work with you on your next fabrication and powder coating project.

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Collier Powder Coating is proud to be the sister company of Collier Metal Works, a local metal fabrication shop. Let our in-house designers and engineers get you started on your project needs today!


We’re always looking for new opportunities to create custom projects for you. Please get in touch and one of our project managers will contact you about beginning the proposal process.

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